Nursary & Primary School

Mamta Gupta


I cordially thank all the guardians for being so much aware of their children’s bright future. We know that the solid frame of a house is always built on a solid foundation. In the same way, the Best Nursery School education is a must for the brilliant career of our sweet, tender, and cute children. So, having the same target we are marching to the zenith of the career-building in competition. We have been maintaining the steady level of our effective teaching for the last three years with glorious and surprising results having essential changes in our children’s attitude. We aspire that your dreams will come true when you will behold children on the path of success touching the heights of the same.

key Features

  • Best opportunities for cognitive development
  • We try our best to develop physical, social, moral & emotional conformity in students.
  • Children are encouraged to enhance their skill power in reading, writing & in other
  • Children are promoted for other activities like English & Hindi Spoken, Dramatics and Art methods.
  • Inspirational learning skills through play-way methods.
  • Each child’s development is measured twice a week.

Organizational Level

Eligibility : 4 year to 5 year for Lower
Kindergarten (LKG)
Eligibility : 5 year to 6 year for Upper
Kindergarten (UKG)
Duration : 5 hours per day

Eligibility : From 6 year