The COVID-19 Impact on the Top IIT-JEE Institute in Rajasthan


The Government of India has temporarily closed all the educational institutes in an attempt to protect people from coronavirus. In Rajasthan too, the government as a part of the country has shut down all the public and private schools, colleges, libraries, and all coaching institutes.

Therefore, most of the coaching institutes come with an idea of e-Learning platforms. Top IIT-JEE institutes of Rajasthan offer convenient, on-the-go classes to the aspirants. In simple words, they are considering remote learning as a viable option during this pandemic.

Change is Good

The coaching institutes of the states are already using e-learning platforms. This tech-driven change from physical presence to online learning is beneficial for everyone, as coaching institutes can conduct different course classes simultaneously. And for students, it saves a lot of time. 

Universal Adoption

Rajasthan government is also switching to the online medium for their schemes and employment programs. In a similar line, private coaching institutes provide jobs to many intellectual and skilled tutors and mentors.

By providing the remote facility, the coaching institutes can now teach hundreds of students at the same time. Along with this, they provide study material in the form of PDFs and tutorials that eases the learning process for students. These are the reasons that e-Learning is adopted by all the major coaching centers of the state.


Top IIT JEE institutes of Rajasthan, which used to work on offline teaching methods, are now adopting the new normal of teaching. A huge number of coaching institutes are tying up with IT firms to provide an advanced and robust e-learning platform to make their place in the online market. Such collaboration offers significant perks to the coaching institutes.

Constant Improvisation

The coaching center is making an important step to switch to the online learning platform. They are providing basic training to faculties so that they can use these advanced technologies easily.

The constant updates of e-learning platforms are not only helping the coaching center to sustain but also providing growth in such arduous times. The e-Learning industry offers an advanced solution and innovative information-sharing platform, which allows institutes to thrive during the coronavirus pandemic.

Spirit of the Age

Along with fulfilling the essential requirement of aspirants, these online coaching institutes understand that it is vital to keep the students motivated during this time of lockdown environment. The interactive online games, quizzes, mock tests, and puzzles are helping to study to stay calm. This not only helps the aspirants in the learning procedure but also offers them a stress-free environment.

A New Model

The ongoing pandemic is a complete game-changer for the education industry. The transformation from offline to online will reduce the redundancies of past practices. The new concept of teaching provides enhanced learning methods and styles.

Final Words

Aspirants can understand any concept successfully through the comfort of their homes. This is one of the significant reasons people across the globe are supporting e-learning. Thanks to the advanced and well-developed online learning platforms and apps that make learning hassle-free and comfortable during this corona pandemic.


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