Utilize Lockdown to Prepare for Your Upcoming Exams


The government of India postponed the major competitive exams amid the coronavirus pandemic. Now the students have some extra time to prepare for the upcoming exams. Aspirants need to stay positive, focused and should work on their weaknesses.

Most of the students prepare for the upcoming exam according to the timing of last year. They have already completed the syllabus and must be in revision mode. The requirement of the hour is to utilize the time productively and effectively for the best outcome.

Rise of e-Learning in Covid-19 Lockdown

E-learning applications are playing a crucial role amid coronavirus lockdown as these applications are providing continuous teaching-learning processes. 

Rise of e-learning

Applications like Unacademy, Khan Academy, Learnflix are providing full module courses with study material and tutorials on their platform, which offers in-depth information to the students.

Hence, aspirants need to adopt habits of learning from online platforms to prepare for the upcoming exams. Although it is tough to learn from home as we have a lot of disturbing elements at home. But to make for the reviews, you need to keep your at-home schedule on track. Here are a few ways that can help:

1) Make a viable schedule

 An aspirant needs to make their day productive; setting a program is the first step. Following a timetable offers adequate time for each subject and module, co-curricular activity, sports, family time. Making a schedule is to strengthen the concept by solving last year’s exams and mock tests. As the wise man once said, “Practice makes the man perfect.”

2) Create a proper learning space

Aspirants must need to have a proper desk, table, and a learning environment. It is essential to find a quiet place or a corner where students can focus for a long time. In that space, a few things like mirrors, video games, the TV shouldn’t be there.

3) Exchange of knowledge

Students can discuss concepts and topics to other aspirants in a messaging group, or maybe over video calls. Discussing topics with friends helps them in the learning process, and also it’ll feel like they are having a real-life classroom conversation during the Covid-19 lockdown.

4) Stay healthy and charged

As students are busy preparing for the upcoming exams, they might spend most of their time on a chair. Along with preparation, they also need to focus on health, and it is essential to take breaks between lessons for workout sessions and do some activities that keep their body and mind active.

5) Reward yourself

When you complete a topic or finish the task for the day, don’t forget to give yourself a treat of a movie or a game. It will release dopamine in your mind and keep you motivated to finish work on time, and you’ll look forward to achieving more.

6) Sleep well

Proper sleep should be the topmost priority of students. While preparing for the upcoming exam, some aspirants don’t sleep properly. Lack of sleep reduces concentration and makes you lazy.

Final Words

Proper planning and time management play a crucial role in cracking a good rank for aspirants. The Covid-19 pandemic is a vital time for students as they have to change their learning patterns. Aspirants and parents need to keep checking the growth and learning daily to prepare for the upcoming exam. These tough times will help students in improving accuracy and solving problems. So give your best shot, and you will clear the upcoming exams.

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